Light'N Up | Solo Bike Packing Through the U.S. West Coast
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Solo Bike Packing Through the U.S. West Coast

Solo Bike Packing Through the U.S. West Coast

That’s a 3000+ kilometer ride distance with 38,000+ meters of climbing, aboard a 3T Exploro gravel bike

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride all on your own for over 3000 kilometers in a foreign land? This is exactly what our friend Donnie Capili is now undertaking in America.
His epic bike packing adventure starts off in Vancouver, Canada and will go all the way down to Los Angeles, California via the Pacific West coast.

Donnie in the early stages of his adventure
The route he’ll be riding through. Note that this illustration excludes the parts in Vancouver Island

For this ride he is using the 3T Exploro Team Stealth gravel bike with SRAM Force 1x components and a full complement of Blackburn Design bags and accessories.

All packed and ready to go

Donnie’s solo ride started of in Vancouver Island hopping through the peninsula leading up to Seattle. From there he made his way around the Olympic Peninsula heading to the road along the Pacific Coast which he will ride all the way through to Los Angeles. He’ll have the Pacific Ocean for company for much of his ride.

Sceneries like these are motivation enough to keep on pedalling

Anyone doing a ride of this scale is bound to encounter several interesting sights and locales as Donnie so far has.

This is not a mass participation cycling event. There are no medals or prizes to earn at the end of this. Donnie is doing this ride for himself by himself. One thing is considered a badge of honor among cyclists though are those nice and sharp tan lines, which Donnie now have lots of.

Nothing compares to the simple joy that cycling through amazing places can bring. Here’s Donnie riding through the Avenue of the Giants and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Freedom on two wheels amidst giant Redwood trees
Smiling and happily pedalling as if he hasn’t ridden over 2000 kilometers already.

The 3T Exploro is a tough bike that is designed to take a beating, but on such big rides as this it will also need some TLC.

Getting the 3T Exploro serviced and tuned at Cycle Works in Santa Cruz, California with its goodest employee Milo hard at work entertaining guests and clients

As with his bike, Donnie needs some R&R too.

Having a day off in The 18th Green in Carmel, California

And just like that, he has officially rolled into Los Angeles. Making it there just as the sun sets makes for a very fitting end to this long journey on two wheels.

Savoring the sunset at Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Donnie hasn’t quite had enough it seems. After a good rest in L.A., he decided to ride further south all the way to Mexico. He has literally ridden the entire length of the U.S. West Coast.

A sturdy and reliable steed throughout this whole journey, the 3T Exploro is now getting a much deserved rest as Donnie heads back to his home in the U.S.


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