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Kask Infinity

Kask Infinity

The Kask infinity promises to be an aero lid that offers the best of both worlds – we put it to the test to find out

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People often think that aerodynamics means incompatibility with everything else. Want to be aero? Well you can’t be comfortable. However, with the Kask Infinity, Kask has tried  to solve that problem with a movable vent to help cool your head  down if you start to over heat.

We’ve seen it before on the Lazer Bullet, and the system is pretty simple – there’s a slat on your head that you can open or close to make yourself more aero or be able to cool your head down.

The vent on the Kask infinity


On the kask infinity that “slat” opens up to reveal three gaping vents, more than enough to suck some air through, and there are another two very slim ones underneath. Once opened you can feel the intake of air, albeit only on a narrow cross-section of your head but it’s still enough to make a difference, at least in the UK spring temperatures. After the air enters the vent there are deep channels within the helmet that help push the air through the eight exhaust ports.

Obviously, being stuck in the UK means I’m yet to be able try the Kask Infinity in truly hot conditions, but so far so good. Although, some of those rides were in Scotland where it was cold enough to still be wearing a hat (at which time I was quite happy to be wearing a slightly warmer aero helmet).

The Kask Infinity doesn’t come with any additional MIPs but rather its own MIT layer, which is a Polycarbon layer that lines the outer helmet.

I tried a size medium, which is on the bigger side for my small head. I can fit either a small or medium but tend to find the former more comfortable, mostly because with medium sized helmets I have to ratchet the retention dial right the way round to get a comfortable fit. Fortunately, its adjustment levels are super minute, so it’s nice and easy to get it right.

I’ve also noticed with the size medium that I had to pull the adjustable back of the head strap right down to get a snug fit, and even then it only just went far enough, taking a real tug to get it down that far.







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