Light'N Up | Cobb Cycling’s KONA Experience
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Cobb Cycling’s KONA Experience

Cobb Cycling’s KONA Experience

The KONA Experience Follow Up

Last week was another exciting week at the Cobb Cycling headquarters in Tyler, Texas and also on the big island of Kona, Hawaii, as some of Cobb Cycling’s crew were there for the Ironman World Championships! Read more of news and product updates below from Cobb below!

First off, we’ve got some exciting videos from their race coverage in Kona, check it out below!

Interview with Canadian Pros Team Wurtele (Heather and Trevor) and why they ride Cobb’s SHC saddles.


John Cobb over trained for the Energy Lab this year. You can check this side of John Cobb here.



Key takeaways from the Kona Saddle Count

  • Cobb Cycling is the leading customer selected saddle in Kona, or as officially put the #1 aftermarket saddle. The number 1 – 3 seat companies in the saddle count (ISM, Fizik and Specialized) are all OEM specced saddles sold part of a complete bike and therefore not sold through a dealer. Cobb Cycling does not sell its seats to bike manufacturers, as they believe they need to protect their dealers and bike fitters.
  • The Fifty Five saddle count in Kona 2015 over 2014 grew by 50% which showcases the tremendous popularity of this saddle among triathletes worldwide.
  • Cobb Cycling saddle count in 2015 grew with 13% over 2014, from 202 to 228 saddles, which was a 10% share of the bikes counted in Kona. This means a 4th overall position in the Lava Magazine Kona 2015 Bike Count. This is a HUGE achievement keeping in mind that ISM, Fizik and Specialized saddles are not sold through dealers but packaged in a box with a complete bike.

Sponsored Pro Athlete News

  • Clay Emge, who is on the Cobb Mobb National Team finished 7th in his age group with a 9:14:04 . Clay rode comfortably and very fast in 4:51 on his Gen 2 saddle, in addition to his sub 1 hour swim and 3:16 marathon.
  • Tim O’Donnell, a Cobb Cycling athlete who has been training quietly all year was the TOP AMERICAN and 3RD OVERALL and riding comfortably and very fast on his favorite Cobb Fifty-Five that he chose. He was riding off the front for a while during the race clocking a 4:26 fast bike split. He finished with an 8:18 overall time.
  • Eneko Llanos from Spain was also riding our Cobb Fifty-Five all the way to 7th overall.
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